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Meet the rash guard
that doesn't bunch up


Born in California • Made in San Diego
Here's what makes our rash guards better from the rest:

The darted bust and the curve in the hip gives room for the shape of your body. So no bunching or riding up here!

Meet our paddle sleeve: raglan cut for mobility and double lined and tapered from the the elbow to the wrist makes a stay put sleeve while you paddle paddle paddle!

By designing to compliment the uniqueness and beauty of every woman, not just one industry standard, we highlight the uncelebrated diversity of women within surf and beach culture.

i - aer - a

For the uniqueness and beauty of every woman,
not just an industry standard.

Meet iaera

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Featured Rash Guards


"Comfy and protective"

"I love the way this rash guard feels! The material is super soft and awesome to wear when surfing. Doesn't bunch up or move around and it's super protective from the sun."

- Risa, Sayulita from Mexico 

"Sleek & Timeless"

"Love the Mazu in this colorway. It pretty much goes with everything and the fit is so modern and classy. I've worn this in the ocean and on brisk mornings while mountain biking. This is a STAPLE!"

- Ashley from Orange County, CA 

"Super cute rash guard!"

"I love this rash guard!! The material is soft and feels great, but yet it’s strong and has never torn or snagged from the wax on my board. I wish I owned one in every color!!"

- Rebecca from San Diego, CA

Learn what makes our rash guards better from the rest.

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